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GSokoban is a version of Sokoban for GNOME and Linux/UNIX. It looks like this, but you should really download it and try for yourself. Features include:

Sokoban is a puzzle game invented in Japan 1982 by Hiroyuki Imabayashi, the president of Thinking Rabbit Inc. The goal is to push a number of boxes to special spots in a maze, without getting stuck against walls or in corners.


Saturday 2 September 2006

Nothing new really, except for a change of web hosting. is the new home for GSokoban.

Tuesday 14 March 2000

After a way too long delay, here is finally version 1.0.

Saturday 31 July 1999

Version 0.60 this time:

Saturday 19 June 1999

The time has come for version 0.30. Changes this time:

Wednesday 02 June 1999

GSokoban 0.20 released, with the following new features:

Sunday 30 May 1999

First version released. Everything is new!


Andreas Persenius <>

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